Powder coating application issues

Powder paint doesn't adhere to the product

Pokud se při aplikaci práškových nátěrových hmot setkáváte s tímto problemém, proveďte postupnou kontrolu níže zmíněných části technologie pro aplikaci PNH.

Compressed air

  • air transport pressures set too high (blowing off the powder)

Application equipment

  • worn electrostatic parts (CORONA):
    • the cascade fails to charge
    • the electrode is demaged
  • electrode O-ring - no current is conducted to the electrode
  • worn TRIBO parts:
    • poor grounding of application equipment parts
    • charging hose
    • powder coating gun

Application equipment setup

  • voltage on the electrostatic device set too low
  • gun is too close to the sprayed surface during application (blowing off the powder)

Paint (powder coating)

  • improper powder for the given application: TRIBO / electrostatics (CORONA)
  • the powder is wet, fails to hold the charge
  • the powder is too fine:
    • the recycled material content is too high
    • too fine from production

Part and its hanging

  • insufficiently grounded product

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