How to protect the environment?

In the field of the environment, we provide expert counselling, legislative support and lecturing activities related to the ecology of surface treatment operations and the environmental protection.  

Zuzana Lačňáková, DiS.

Zuzana Lačňáková, DiS. is ready to answer your questions

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We will guide you through the issues of industrial ecology.

Preparation of operational documentation

Open Preparation of operational documentation

Safety Data Sheets

Open Safety Data Sheets

Expert Consultancy

Open Expert Consultancy

Online Offer of Personal Protective Equipment

Open Online Offer of Personal Protective Equipment


We know and we will teach you

We are specialists in the field of surface treatment, we keep on improving and we know that trained personnel is essential. Therefore, we decided to share our own experience and know-how with those who need them. We organize specialized trainings and conferences on a regular basis.

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Martin Hublar

Martin Hublar

Head of Expertise Activities

+420 739 002 152hublar@itsbrno.cz
Zuzana Lačňáková, DiS.

Zuzana Lačňáková, DiS.

Environmental specialist

+420 541 422 611info@sqi.cz

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