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In the field of surface treatment, we are at home and we keep on improving, develop new technologies, test them in our own laboratories and implement them in real operations. How to avoid defects, how to improve quality and/or productivity and not only with that, we can help you. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge.

Martin Hublar

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Expertise Activities

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Technology audits

Open Technology audits

Dealing with defects

Open Dealing with defects

Advice and consultations

Open Advice and consultations

Application Laboratory

Open Application Laboratory

Measuring instruments and dosing equipment

Open Measuring instruments and dosing equipment

Defect Catalog

Defects you may encounter

Anodic oxidation defects


We know and we will teach you

We are specialists in the field of surface treatment, we keep on improving and we know that trained personnel is essential. Therefore, we decided to share our own experience and know-how with those who need them. We organize specialized trainings and conferences on a regular basis.

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Martin Hublar

Martin Hublar

Head of Expertise Activities

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Would you like to have an individual training?We are your experts, feel free to contact us.