Powder coating application issues

Powder pulsates as it exits the gun

If you encounter this problem when applying powder coatings, perform a step-by-step check of the following parts of the powder coating application technology.

Compressed air

  • wet compressed air
  • insufficient air pressure in the system

Application equipment

  • kinked / pinched powder hose
  • poor fluidization of powder coating:
    • too much air (sucks in air)
    • too little air (fails to suck in enough powder)
  • worn electrostatic parts (CORONA):
    • ejector block
    • ejector nozzle
    • ejector
    • powder hose
  • worn TRIBO parts:
    • ejector block
    • ejector nozzle
    • ejector
    • charging hose
    • powder coating gun

Application equipment setup

  • transport air set too low

Paint (powder coating)

  • the powder is too wet and clogs the transport routes
  • the powder is too fine andclogs the transport routes:
    • the recycled material content is too high
    • too fine from production
  • the powder is too fine and the fluidization needs to be adjusted

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