Expertise Activities

Technology audits

We conduct audits of surface treatment and coating lines to help identify equipment and process deficiencies.

Technological units have been in operation for more than ten years and it is desirable that everything works without complications at all times. However, if they do occur, it is not easy to determine their exact cause. Often, due to "operational blindness", the workers stop perceiving the problem, and then "another pair of eyes" is needed. SQI, with ITS' extensive background, has extensive diagnostic capabilities. Including non-standard, developed by us.

Technology inspection:

  • checking and determining the parameters of your surface pretreatment equipment
  • determination of the concentration of preparations and interfering substances in the technology / hanging technique
  • drying equipment
  • powder coating booths
  • equipment for paint curing
  • status of control panels for guns
  • condition of charging cascades
  • product grounding 
  • exhaust parameters of paint booths and ovens
  • compressed air quality
  • thermal insulation condition by thermal imaging
  • temperature measurement of drying and curing ovens
  • and many others

We have a special service device (developed by us) for online measurements on coating technologies, e.g. to determine the resistivity of liquid paints, to measure cascade performance or product grounding.

What is the goal?

  • quality improvement / optimization of individual parts of the technology
  • increase production / optimization of individual parts of the technology
  • reduction of coating plant operating costs
  • searching for defects and deficiencies in the equipment technology and painting

What is the output you get?

  • a protocol including all our measurements and records from the equipment (bath measurements, times, furnace curves...) including subsequent recommendations for improvement

We will prepare an individual offer for you and tailor the audit to your needs.

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