Anodizing plant operator

Decorative anodizing

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Training topics:

  • effect of material structure on the output quality of the anodic layer
  • mechanical surface pretreatment
  • chemical surface pre-treatment - DEGREASING
  • chemical surface pretreatment - DYEING
  • chemical surface pretreatment - brightening 
  • Anodizing - formation, properties and layer influence
  • organic dyeing
  • electrolytic dyeing
  • sealing - cold
  • sealing - hot

What you will learn about

  • The effect of the alloys in the base material on the final appearance of the anodized surface.
  • Alloys most commonly used for decorative purposes.
  • Technological process of decorative anodizing.
  • Understand the effects of parameters on pretreatment and anodic oxidation processes.