Anodizing plant operator

Defects in anodic oxidation

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In this seminar, we have set aside time for you to address your specific anodic oxidation defects. If you wish to consult the defects directly during the seminar, it is possible to bring a specific part with a defect. Selected defects will be presented collectively to address the issue.

Training topics:

  • effect of material structure on the output quality of the anodic layer
  • analytical quality control of anodic oxidation process baths
  • output quality control of anodic layers according to ISO and Qualanod
  • anodic oxidation corrosion tests and their evaluation

What you will learn:

  • How to identify defects in the anodic oxidation process.
  • What are the manifestations and areas of these different causes of nonconformities.
  • What are the remedies for poor quality anodizing.