Painting line operator

Powder coating technology

9:00 - 15:00 hrs

Face-to-face teaching:
4 000 CZK excl. VAT/person
in Slovakia 166 €/person

Brno, Řípská 1549/11a, Slatina

13 free places


Ing. Tomáš Morcinek
trainer, Director of SQI


Ing. Tomáš Morcinek
contact person
+420 730 800 833

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The powder coating process starts as soon as the product enters the powder coating plant. The powder coating technology course will introduce you to the entire powder coating technology from the part hanging options to the curing of the powder coating.

If you register by 31 March 2022, you will receive a discount of CZK 1,000. Write in the comments: Sleva1000.

Training topics

  • Safe work and possible risks in paint shops
  • Powder coatings
  • Preparation of basic material (hanging, masking)
  • Chemical pre-treatment before painting and automation options for chemical pretreatment
  • Equipment for the application of powder coatings
  • Neutralization stations

What the training will bring you:

  • comprehensive overview of how the whole technology works from hanging up to removing
  • you will get an overview of what works and how it works and thus find out how to eliminate various operational problems
  • you will get an overview of what improvements can be made to your facility
  • you will have the opportunity to meet other people in the industry who are dealing with similar operational problems as you

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