Painting line operator

Quality in powder coating lines

09:00–16:00 hrs

Face-to-face teaching:
3 400 CZK excl. VAT/person
in Slovakia 140 €/person

Brno, Řípská 1549/11a, Slatina

14 free places


Ing. Miluše Kubátová
trainer, Head of Laboratory


Ing. Tomáš Saňák
contact person
+420 603 280 590

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Quality officers are responsible for a final product being free of defects and the paint shop shall avoid complaints. Thanks to our course, the participants will learn how to properly check the quality of painted products, they will get acquainted with the issue of defects.


Training topics

  • effect on quality in the powder coating plant
  • inspection input material
  • inspection of surface pre-treatment technology
  • corrosion formation in surface pretreatment
  • powder coating application technology and its impact on quality
  • dealing with defects
  • practical demonstration of work in defect evaluation

What you will learn:

  • what defects are responsible for the problems of the entire corrosion protection system
  • correctly determine the quality of the final coating
  • correctly identify the type of defects and their origin in the technology
  • correctly perform the most common measurements/tests of the entire process of creating an anti-corrosion system

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