Corrosion tests

One of the main issues in the treatment of metal material is its corrosion protection. We like to deal with the issue of corrosion in our laboratory equipped with corrosion and condensation chambers. Exposure tests are among the main tests. The range of these tests is very wide, their basic overview is mentioned below.

 Corrosion and condensation tests:

Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests (neutral and acetic acid salt spray) EN ISO 9227
Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to humidity –Part 1: Condensation (single-sided exposure)EN ISO 6270-1
Paints and varnishes –Determination of resistance to humidity – Part 2: Condensation (in-cabinet exposure with heated water reservoir) EN ISO 6270-2

Evaluation of degradation of coating: 

General introduction and designation systemEN ISO 4628-1
Assessment of degree of blisteringEN ISO 4628-2
Assessment of the degree of rusting EN ISO 4628-3
Assessment of degree of crackingEN ISO 4628-4
Assessment of degree of flaking        EN ISO 4628-5
Assessment of degree of delamination and corrosion around a scribe or other artificial defect EN ISO 4628-8
Assessment of degree of filiform corrosionEN ISO 4628-10
Rating system for the evaluation of pitting corrosion – Chart methodEN ISO 8993
Rating system for the evaluation of pitting corrosion – Grid method EN ISO 8994
Cross-cut testEN ISO 2409

and others ... .

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