Expertise Activities

Dealing with defects

The deficiencies that lead to defects are known to to almost every coating plant or anodizing plant. We, as manufacturers of surface treatment technologies, have practical experience from these plants. We encounter them, identify them and then solve them.

We are aware that defects are one of the pressing problems in the surface treatment industry and it is in our shared interest to eliminate them. Attention to quality surface pretreatment and the selection of a suitable substrate is an essential part, but not a guarantee, of avoiding defects. Discovering the cause of a defect is not an easy process and is often a long haul.

We are intensively involved in this area and cooperate with technical universities in solving surface treatment issues. We have been collecting knowledge and documents for a long time and compiling a Defects Catalogue for you, covering defects in powder coating and anodic oxidation.

What can we help you with?

  • we will check the parts and operating conditions on site (paint shop or anodizing plant)
  • we analyze the defects in our laboratory and propose a solution
  • we will prepare a final report with a recommendation for their elimination

What do you get?

  • you will reduce the number of poorly painted parts
  • you will reduce the costs of their repairs and the overall operation of the coating plant
  • you will increase quality and capacity

Is there anything we can do to help?

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